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Foundation Primer...$30.00

Create a perfect canvas for your makeup. My Foundation Primer slips over clean skin giving a perfect surface to apply makeup on. The soothing vitamins and antioxidants help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The specialized silicone-based formula provides “grip” to increase the wear and longevity of your foundation.

Perfect Finish Aloe Foundation...$28.00


My concealer is an really quite AMAZING!  Not only is it paraben free, and long lasting; it is a paramedical grade formula that can be used to cover scars, any skin imperfections and with its skin healthy cream formula it stays hydrated for the use of under the eyes.

Collage Mineral Pressed Powder...$35.00

My Oil-Free Mineral-Based powder formulation will correct and cover any imperfections while giving you all the benefits of mineral make-up. Combines the best blend of colors for an even, flawless finish to your skin.

Tanning Powder...$30.00

Capture the glow of the sun without going to the beach. These powders are precisely what you need for a year round healthy glow!

Oil Control Powder...$25.00

My Oil Control Powder acts as the perfect blotting Powder without adding extra coverage. Basically it’s a touch up, Powder! The shine-absorbing, oil-free formulation is great for all skin types. Natural matte finish leaves skin looking even and flawless.

In-Dispensable Wands...$25.00

Glam & Go! Use my one-step brush on shimmer dust for high fashion sparkle and shine!

Highlighting Powder...$25.00

Get your glow on! A must have for all occasions, these sparkling powders will give you a fresh, dewy glow. Use them to highlight, bronze, and add a finished, polished look to your makeup.

Blush Glows...$25.00

This light, satiny blush is great for adding cheek color and contouring your face. Colors brush on for a smooth finish that never looks dry or flat. Layer up for stronger color or gently apply for a lighter touch.


Mini Mist $6.00

Using Mineral Mist Aromatherapy hydrating spray after applying foundation helps to set your makeup and give you a fresh and uplifted look throughout the day. All bottles come with a pump spray top with a clear cover. The Mini Mist that is 0.4 oz is small enough to be party of your airplane carry on.

Mineral Mist - 4oz bottle..$15.00

Quick Dry Brush Cleaner...$12.00

My Quick Dry Brush Cleaner is used to sanitize and deodorize makeup brushes. It keeps brushes working and looking like new while having a really pleasant vanilla scent


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